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8/20/2020: Lunewave is honored to have Byron McCormick as part of our Advisory Board

8/18/2020: Sunnyvale Sensor Fusion Meetup: Luneburg lens enabled hi-definition radar for ADAS and AV applications

8/17/2020: Lunewave is very fortunate to have James Zizelman as part of our Advisory Board

7/13/2020: Lunewave recognized by EETimes as Silicon 100 Emerging Startups Worth Watching

6/30/2020: DesignWanted article: Lunewave’s 3D-Printed sensor for autonomous driving

6/18/2020: Lunewave supporting health clinics and hospitals during COVID-19

6/18/2020: Microwave Journal Article: How Startups Are Shaping the Automotive Radar of Tomorrow

6/2/2020: Peter Schwarzenbauer joining Lunewave Inc.‘s Advisory Board

5/20/2020: BMW Group Article: BMW Startup Garage secures early access to pioneering innovations

4/26/2020: Automotive News Article: Lunewave brings a decades-old antenna technology into the world of AVs

4/28/2020: Automotive News Article: 11 promising technologies that made the inaugural class

4/7/2020: Lunewave’s Gratitude to our Frontline Medical Workers

3/30/2020: Automotive News Shift Podcast: Lunewave’s John Xin on innovation in uncertain times (Episode 35)

3/18/2020: Wards Intelligence Article: Two Start-Ups That Are Out to Take Radar to Next Step

3/5/2020: Presenting at Hardware, Deep Tech & AI Startup Showcase

3/3/2020: Built In Article: Why the Auto Industry is Launching Future City Accelerators

2/25/2020: Presenting at the International Wireless Industry Consortium

2/6/2020: Auto Tech Startup Leaders to Speak at Washington Auto Show Media Day on Jan 23

1/27/2020: Auto Electronics Article: Lunewave’s new radar sensor technology for automotive ADAS

1/22/2020: Presenting at AutoTech Council Startup Review

1/22/2020: Tech Crunch Article: Lunewave is pitching a new sensor offering better vision for autonomous vehicles