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2020 Honoree
Silicon 100 Emerging Startups

The 3D Printed Radar

Lunewave is bringing the power of military and aviation radar to automotive, using scalable and economically viable 3D printed Luneburg lenses. What’s the secret to our success? The

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8/20/2020: Lunewave is honored to have Byron McCormick as part of our Advisory Board

8/18/2020: Sunnyvale Sensor Fusion Meetup: Luneburg lens enabled hi-definition radar for ADAS and AV applications

8/17/2020: Lunewave is very fortunate to have James Zizelman as part of our Advisory Board

7/13/2020: Lunewave recognized by EETimes as Silicon 100 Emerging Startups Worth Watching

6/30/2020: DesignWanted article: Lunewave’s 3D-Printed sensor for autonomous driving

6/18/2020: Lunewave supporting health clinics and hospitals during COVID-19

6/18/2020: Microwave Journal Article: How Startups Are Shaping the Automotive Radar of Tomorrow

6/2/2020: Peter Schwarzenbauer joining Lunewave Inc.‘s Advisory Board

5/20/2020: BMW Group Article: BMW Startup Garage secures early access to pioneering innovations

4/26/2020: Automotive News Article: Lunewave brings a decades-old antenna technology into the world of AVs

4/28/2020: Automotive News Article: 11 promising technologies that made the inaugural class

4/7/2020: Lunewave’s Gratitude to our Frontline Medical Workers

3/30/2020: Automotive News Shift Podcast: Lunewave’s John Xin on innovation in uncertain times (Episode 35)

3/18/2020: Wards Intelligence Article: Two Start-Ups That Are Out to Take Radar to Next Step

3/5/2020: Presenting at Hardware, Deep Tech & AI Startup Showcase

3/3/2020: Built In Article: Why the Auto Industry is Launching Future City Accelerators

2/25/2020: Presenting at the International Wireless Industry Consortium

2/6/2020: Auto Tech Startup Leaders to Speak at Washington Auto Show Media Day on Jan 23

1/27/2020: Auto Electronics Article: Lunewave’s new radar sensor technology for automotive ADAS

1/22/2020: Presenting at AutoTech Council Startup Review

1/22/2020: Tech Crunch Article: Lunewave is pitching a new sensor offering better vision for autonomous vehicles