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Based in Arizona, our technical team is led by world-class experts in microwave and millimeter wave frequency engineering, and is complemented by a business team with extensive experience across relevant industries.

John Xin
(Co-founder and CEO)

20+ years of experience across banking, insurance and the automotive industry as well as a former Managing Director of Strategic Partnerships Group at a Fortune 500 company; MBA from Carnegie Mellon University. 

Hao Xin
(Co-founder and CTO)

20+ years in microwave and millimeter wave engineering, including Raytheon & Rockwell Scientific; Ph.D from MIT; professor of Electrical Engineering and Physics at the University of Arizona.

Min Liang
(Co-founder and VP Technology)

10+ years in radar engineering and 3D printing; Ph.D. Electrical and Computer engineering from University of Arizona. 

Julia Schlueter
(Head of Operations)

15+ years’ experience leading Operations and Human Resources functions with an emphasis on start-up strategies and leadership serving multiple technology companies; Ed.D. in Counseling Psychology and Organizational Leadership from University of San Francisco.

Lunewave Investors
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