Rooted in years of R&D, our innovative technology was invented by our technical founders at the University of Arizona. Bolstered by support from the National Science Foundation’s SBIR/STTR program, Lunewave was founded in 2017 with the goal of revolutionizing mobility by providing safer and more efficient solutions.

Our Team

Based in Arizona, our technical team is led by world-class experts in microwave and millimeter wave frequency engineering, and is complemented by a business team with extensive experience across relevant industries.


John:  Co-founder & CEO with MBA from Carnegie Mellon University. 20+ years of experience across banking, insurance and the automotive industry as well as a former Managing Director of Strategic Partnerships Group at a Fortune 500 company. 

Hao: Co-founder & CTO with 20+ years in microwave and millimeter wave engineering, including Raytheon & Rockwell Scientific.  Ph.D from MIT; professor of Electrical Engineering and Physics at the University of Arizona.

Ben: VP of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships with MBA from University of Michigan. 10+ years of experience in managing and business development, providing global market intelligence and leading initiative for new, innovative product.

Min: Co-founder & VP Technology with Ph.D. Electrical and Computer engineering from University of Arizona.  10+ years in radar engineering and 3D printing.

Rob: Vice President of Product Engineering with 15+ years of experience leading in developing and launching of automotive innovation.


Julia: Head of Operations with 10+ years in Human Resources and Administration focusing on functional Start-up strategies and management.


A sampling of the folks who support us and champion our efforts. Thank you!

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