Cutting edge antenna and sensor technology for automotive (ADAS/AV),
wireless communications, robotics and drones.

Who We Are

Rooted in years of R&D, our innovative technology was invented by our technical founders at the University of Arizona. Bolstered by support from the National Science Foundation’s SBIR/STTR program, Lunewave was founded in 2017 with the goal of revolutionizing mobility by providing safer and more efficient solutions. Read more

What We Do

Lunewave’s proprietary Luneburg lens radar technology provides long range hi-resolution detection required for today’s ADAS and autonomous vehicles.

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Our Products

Radar Sensor

We are developing a high performance, high value automotive radar sensor system for autonomous driving applications. Operating in the 76-81 GHz band, it features a small, robust design capable of high resolution, up to 360-degree field of view, and a long detection range of 300+ meters. Enabled by our intelligent algorithms, it also includes capabilities such as interference avoidance and adaptive sensing.


Modern millimeter wave and microwave systems often require specialized antenna equipment. We offer custom-made Luneburg lens antennas in various sizes, with different feeds, and at different operating frequencies to meet individual requirements. Our proprietary design and additive manufacturing techniques enable high performance capabilities, ideal for applications such as satellite communications and 5G delivery.


Our technologies are used in a variety of industries and applications:

  • Automotive & Mobility
  • Telecommunications/5G
  • Construction, Mining & Agriculture
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Robotics
  • Drones
  • Security
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The 3D Printed Radar

Lunewave is bringing the power of military and aviation radar to automotive, using scalable and economically viable 3D printed Luneburg lenses. What’s the secret to our success? The...

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Robotic semi-truck completes ‘no human’ trip between Tucson, Casa Grande

Congratulations to the self-driving trucking company TuSimple, for completing an unmanned trip from Tucson, AZ to Casa Grande, AZ. Lunewave Inc., is developing imaging radar...

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The State of Cutting-Edge Machine Vision? Closing In on Terminator Vision

Lunewave’s feature in Motor Trend‘s “The State of Cutting-Edge Machine Vision? Closing In on Terminator Vision”, discusses how Lunewave is bringing Luneburg lenses, like the...

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